"Drexel Park is the jewel in the beautiful setting of Delaware County"

Ongoing Event: Shade Tree Project

Additional Information

 A group of Drexel Park residents interested in the benefits of trees are working with the Upper Darby Shade Tree Commission and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) to procure shade trees for our township's neighborhoods, including our own Drexel Park. 

The trees are of small, medium and large sizes and are intended for front lawns only. PHS-trained "Tree Tenders" are available to help the homeowner with choosing a tree, planting a tree, and caring for a tree.  Residents can also directly contact Tree Tenders of Upper Darby at treetendersofupperdarby@gmail.com.   

This volunteer group works closely with the Upper Darby Shade Tree Commission.  They are collecting names of people who are interested in getting trees for their property (spring and fall times) and also take questions on the care of trees residents already have!